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Given so much exploring and rediscovering of cliffs goes on in tassie, i thought I might start posting some of the cliffs I've checked out over time - might prevent some effort rediscovering them. I'd encourage other people to do the same - then I wont have to rediscover your choss pile.

Today I went out and checked out some cliffs at the end of Glen Dhu Rd. To get there drive towards New Norfolk, and turn left at Sorell Creek. Take a right on Glen Dhu Rd and follow it along way up the valley. Just before you come to a gate with a private property sign a road heads down right to the creek - park here. If you come to a shipping container youve gone too far. From the road you can see the cliffs up the hill to the right. There are 2 more substantial cliff lines further up the valley (see pics). The cliffs are marked on the 1:25k map with the imagantive name "Yellow Cliffs". The cliff is on public land but there is private land around in the valley.

Link to theList map:

The track on this google map shows the 4wd tracks from the car to where you head up the hill:,147.10968&sspn=0.028129,0.077162&ie=UTF8&t=h&z=15

From the park follow the road down to the creek, and then up the right hand side of the creek for about 10 minutes. This leads to under the cliffs. Then its a steep strenous walk up the hill to the cliffs - about 40 mins total to reach the base of the cliff. The bush is generally open but its a big walk up. We walked up the ridge leading to the big roof - but you are better off going along further and walking up the second ridge to the left of the big gully that comes down from the middle of the cliff - as the good rock is on the LH side.

The cliff is 30-40m high sandstone and a typical mixture of total choss and some good bits. In all its similar to Handsomes and Nieka, but harder access than either. Not too much lichen but quite dirty in places. There would definitely be some good sport routes here but I'm guessing the walk is a bit too much effort. You would need to be motivated.
If access from the top was somehow possible (Ringwood Fire Trail??) then maybe, but I don't reckon I will go back. There is probably a bit more rock to explore in the general area.

Photos below. To see the high res versions go to