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Given so much exploring and rediscovering of cliffs goes on in tassie, i thought I might start posting some of the cliffs I've checked out over time - might prevent some effort rediscovering them. I'd encourage other people to do the same - then I wont have to rediscover your choss pile.

Mills Track crag is another of those crags I've known about for ages but never got round to climbing on that I went and had another look at on the weekend. Its a small (8m high) sandstone crag on Mt Wellington of the same variety as Sphinx and Neika. Its very limited - 3 or 4 possible routes, but I'm surprised no one has ever climbed on it given its ease of access. It has a couple of little overhangs and faces that with a little cleaning would make ok routes.

To get there walk about 12 mins along Mills Track from the Springs to where the view opens out again above a scree slope and you can see some sandstone crags in the distance. walk another 2 or 3 mins until you notice a faint track heading down the hill on the left (there may be a small cairn). Only 15m from the main track this leads to the top of the crag. Go down right to get to the bottom.

There is other sandstone in the general area - Dave H has checked most of it out and hasnt found anything decent.

Position is 519328mE, 5247500mN, 55G

Map link:,147.236908&spn=0.001612,0.003484&t=h&z=19&iwloc=000492520f429a92ef1c1

Some crap phone photos:

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