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So great to see the continued exploration of sand river, the area that seemingly continues to gift with the hard work of so many, but does it not seem questionable in suggesting that a certain feature would be desecrated by adding bolts to it? Sand river is unquestionably a premier Tasmanian sport climbing crag  so  if  there is a line that can be climbed free by adding bolts to it surely this is a good thing? 

Loose bolt on the Sapphire Rose

Hi all,

Just a heads up for anyone heading to Bare Rock. We were on the Sapphire Rose on Saturday and noticed that the first bolt in the traverse on P1 has a very loose nut and hanger. We didn't have anything to tighten it with so its still only finger tight. There are good small/medium cam placements  in the overlap just above the bolt.


For the last 43 years it has been assumed that Henry Barber introduced grade 23 to Australia, officially Insomnia at Frog being the first one...though Kama Sutra at Araps on the same trip is harder. In researching a new book I'm writing on the history of Tasmanian climbing, I have discovered that Ian Lewis had free climbed Albatross at Lowdina near Hobart in 1974, before Hot Henry came in 1975. The guidebook credits Lewis with the first ascent, but gives the first free ascent to Henry, as it was reported that Lewis had a point of aid (rest) on his ascent. In recent interviews for the book, both Ian Lewis and his belayer Lyle Closs are adamant that it was done free. Albatross was the only route Henry Barber fell off on his Australian trip. I've been on it, and not many would argue with grade 24..its desperate. So there you go... Ian Lewis did the first grade 23 in Australia in 1974.

Top rope accreditations


I am looking to get some accreditations for taking youth rock climbing, and was wondering if anyone knew the best person I could get in contact with?

I have indoor rock climbing certificates, but want to get top rope outdoor and abseiling certs.

I’m an avid climber just need to get the right paperwork so I can take the youth out legally.


Hi Every one
Just letting people who do not already know, that it is a good idea after heavy rain to let the Sand Stone dry out before climbing on it.  

This link below is really worth reading and passing on.




Star Factory Access

Just letting people know that the access lines to the Star Factory have been removed.

Please take care when scrambling up and down.