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So great to see the continued exploration of sand river, the area that seemingly continues to gift with the hard work of so many, but does it not seem questionable in suggesting that a certain feature would be desecrated by adding bolts to it? Sand river is unquestionably a premier Tasmanian sport climbing crag  so  if  there is a line that can be climbed free by adding bolts to it surely this is a good thing? 

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  1. Sand River is a Reserve

    Only small bits of it. Almost all the cliffs are on plain old forestry land, in informal stream reserves.

    But I was curious about the description on Xanadu buttress as well. Is it tafoni or something David Stephenson ?

  2. Dan Johnson AUTHOR

    There is some small sections of tafoni in the area but the piece of rock in question isn’t nor is there really a line. 

  3. Not tafoni, just a really beautiful and highly unique rock structure - I haven't seen anything quite like it at Sand River, similar to something you might see in the SW desert areas of the US. There are lots of places to put climbs at SR, and we have plenty of those, but sometimes something is so unusual and special that maybe it doesn't need to be climbed and can just be looked at? That's a pretty radical suggestion for some I guess....... 

  4. Yeah routes are a bit to close. Ugly. I suspect in time climbers will get into trouble for disregarding aboriginal heritage at sand river. Sands river is a really nice addition to Tasmanian climbing especially as a winter option . In my limited experience there I did feel like there were some pretty nice bits of rock that  were pretty ugly as a result of routes too close or unneccesary bolts. Over cooked maybe.

  5. Hey Dave
    If you have a issue with what you see maybe contact the people directly rather than posting a comment on a public forum like this.

  6. Isn't this what public forums are for?

  7. The Totem Pole is a pretty unique feature.... Should that have been bolted?

  8. I'd say the tote has too many routes on it. But I understand that's just an opinion.