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A bigger issue re: Tasman Peninsula climbing looms. And that is: why aren't more people climbing @ Cape Pillar ? Or Cape Raoul ? 

Like Cape Hauy there is a first-class walking track access to all Three Capes. The road to Fortescue Bay is no longer a vehicle and soul destroying experience. If all that still troubles you then try an arrangement with Bob Pennicott for a drop-off.

Obviously the issue with guide-info is still risky. And the notion of "the scariest sea cliff in the universe" still pervades. Nik Deka described the Chasm Wall as a "shitty little route" in the company of many. He is most welcome to go there and reinvigorate the magic. By foot. Himself.

Successive governments have invested about $50,000,000 in resolving the access issues.

It really is all up to you. Cape Pillar is only a little friendly cliff.  Best Wishes, Dildo

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