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Hi all,

Thinking of heading to southern spain in Feb, leaning towards el chorro, but don't know too much about the area. Wondering if anyone has been and has some info they could impart?

Hoping to find somewhere to stay thats walking distance to a bunch of sport climbing. If anyone has a guidebook to andalucia or el chorro that i could borrow to have a look at that'd be great.



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  1. Highly recommended.  El Chorro = lots of big, sports routes.  Also check out Sella and Calpe (Penon is a 300m tower and there are another 6/7 crags in the area) - sport & traditional.   My experiences have been with a group of mates and we rented cars and villas.  Try - identifies centralised accommodation but you've still got to get there from the airport...   Sorry i don't have a guide to lend you though, once you arrive and 'spread the word', you'll likely find climbing mates with their own guides.  Feb/Mar is a great time to go - enjoy!