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Hi all,

I've just moved here from the UK to work, and am looking for people to get out and about with, either as a one-off or more regularly. I live in Burnie but keen to travel and see plenty of Tassie, so no worries with scooting down to Hobart or elsewhere for a day. I lead about E2 5c UK trad, which seems to be about grade 19-20 here, but very happy to second harder stuff, or just hold the other end of the rope if it's way beyond me :o) I'm a friendly, down-to-earth sort of bloke, and a doctor if that's any use to you? And I make pretty good sandwiches..

If you wouldn't mind dragging me along, give me a shout either here, at, or on 0404 383 130.

Alternatively (and having seen the rather depressing number of previous partner posts with zero replies!), if here isn't the right place to do this, any hints on how best to find partners gratefully received..

Cheers folks,


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