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Just a heads up here that if you're going to climb at Bare Rock, in particular the Boneyard, be aware that the ropes for rapping off(mainly the second rap line) is extremely core shot and needs replacing now. I used it about 2 months ago where it became clear that users had been going down the line at a speed causing the rope to badly melt. In the 2 months since the melted rope sheath has fallen to pieces with core sticking out of it everywhere. It needs replacing now. Luckily the cliff closes in a week,though I will plan to ha e the rope replaced before the place re opens.


If any of the users of the crag feel like contributing a small amount to purchase some new rope, or has some rope they could donate that would be much appreciated, I will happily put in my share too but not if other people are just going to abuse and destroy it.


Please take care, go slow down fixed rap lines, check for damage to ropes too when using them.


Cheers, Adam Bogus

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  1. Thanks for the heads up, I'll throw in some $$ for sure!

  2. adam bogus AUTHOR

    Thanks Jed, legend!

  3. Adam, I agree the existing rope is fairly exciting to rap on. I'm keen to help pay for a new rap line, let me know how I should get the funds to you. Via Jed may be easiest.

    Thanks, this is a good initiative. And good to see the rope protectors on the rap route, I'm assuming Gaz made these?

  4. I left 100 metres of blue static line in the camo box about 6 months ago. Is this the rope which has failed?

    1. adam bogus AUTHOR

      No it's the red and black line cj

  5. Not sure if that blue static is still in the box but the one that failed was red

    This is what it looked like when i chopped it