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Just wondering if anyone had a copy of the old Rock mag with Bob McMahon's article about a route he did out on Eldon Bluff, would love to have a read or get a scan. 
Anyone who has been out that way I would love to have a yarn about it. 



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  1. It's in Rock 35 or Australian Geographic 57.

    I'm gonna have a look in the library this week.



  2. ‘We who climb, draw, paint, study and photograph rock, peer through the rock window into the great age of the earth and the processes of its making… Cliff faces, buttresses, needles, towers, stacks, zawns, crags and ultimately the biggest rock walls on earth were made into theatres of action, knowledge, reflection and creativity. To establish a first ascent is to create a work, dare one say, of art? Every climb on earth has a name and a grade of difficulty. The identity of the first ascensionist is attached to that climb for all time in the same way as a composer is to her sonata, a writer to her novel and a painter to her painting.’-Bob McMahon, 2012

  3. The full story and pics will be in the new Tassie Climbing History book out in September