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The site for mountain sports in Tasmania.


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Page: Adamsfield
<guide guidestars="*" pagesize="300" version="2"> <header access="Clear Hill Road was closed for repairs in 2019, and re opened January 2021. There is a gate at the Gordon River Road Turnoff to Clear Hill Road, but this is normally left open. &lt;br/&gt;&
Page: Adamsfield bouldering
{html}<!-- DO NOT EDIT THE GUIDE ON THIS PAGE!!! you will screw it up badly. Use the Edit this Guide link on the view tab instead -->{html} <guide version="3"><header id="28" name="Adamsfield" walk="5 min" rock="Conglomerate" acknowledgement="Thanks to Ga
Page: Adamsfield Gallery
Page: Additional Topos and Maps
Page: Anthony Link Road
<guide> <header autonumber="true" camping="Decent camping spots can be found at Lake Plimsol, closest facilities being in Tullah. " access="Access will vary depending on which area you wish to climb but there should be no major issues. The start of the ro
Page: Apsley Edge
<guide> <header autonumber="false" camping="" access="This guide is included on Thesarvo as a historical record awaiting verification of access to the crag. If you do visit, please try to negotiate with the owners of the land and access paddocks for futur
Page: Articles
A copy of the 1969 Pipes guide exists on the web: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <guide><text class="heading1">Articles</text> <text class="text" new="false" number="null.">This page contains articles o


Page: Backcountry Skiing
The contents of this page are originally from Tasmania has the reputation of being flat, small and having no snow. This reputation may be well deserved when it comes to Ben Lomond, but when it comes to getting out
Page: Barbecue Crag
<guide> <header name="Barbecue Crag" id="1" walk="Couple of minutes" sun="All day " rock="North facing sandstone" acknowledgement="" intro="With some excellent north facing rock only five minutes walk from the road, these cliffs are bound to be popular. "
Page: Bare Rock
<guide version="3"> <header id="1" access="The property at the base of Bare Rock at Fingal is owned by climbers Andrew Martin and his partner Alannah. &lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;A CALL or TEXT PRIOR TO COMING IS ESSENTIAL. &lt;br/&gt;Simply text Andrew on 0418
Page: Ben Lomond
Page: Ben Lomond - Northern Escarpment
<guide guidestars="***" pagesize="500" version="3"> <header access="Ben Lomond is located about 50km south-east of Launceston. It shouldn&apos;t take much more than an hour to be at some of the closer crags, though with walks of up to two hours some are m
Page: Ben Lomond - Southern Escarpment
<guide version="3" pagesize="500" guidestars="*"> <header id="1" walk="1 hour +" sun="Morning sun" rock="Alpine dolerite, less regular than the northern escarpment" name="Ben Lomond - Southern Escarpment" intro="To the east of Launceston is the great bulk
Page: Ben Lomond Gallery
Page: Ben Lomond Ice
<guide version="3"> <header access="" acknowledgement="By Peter Booth" history="It is not known definitively who first climbed ice here although in 1978 Ross Mansfield and Chris Penner climbed a multi-pitch route on Stacks, probably on The Amphitheatre. I
Page: Bicheno
<guide version="2"> <header access="" acknowledgement="by Nick Hancock, originally published in Craglets" history="" intro="Bicheno is just 12km north of the turn off for Coles Bay, so a visit can easily be combined with a trip to Freycinet. There is a li
Page: Bicheno bouldering
{html}<!-- DO NOT EDIT THE GUIDE ON THIS PAGE!!! you will screw it up badly. Use the Edit this Guide link on the view tab instead -->{html}<guide guidestars="**" pagesize="200"> <header id="304" name="Bicheno" walk="5-10 mins" sun="Mostly morning" rock="G
Page: Big Bend Area bouldering
{html}<!-- DO NOT EDIT THE GUIDE ON THIS PAGE!!! you will screw it up badly. Use the Edit this Guide link on the view tab instead -->{html}<guide version="3" pagesize="150" guidestars="*"> <header id="562" name="Big Bend Bouldering area" access="From the
Page: Blackmans Bay
<guide version="2"> <header access="There are three areas which have been climbed on. The southernmost of them is Double Zawn which is reached by driving 5km south of Blackmans Bay towards Tinderbox, and parking at an unfenced paddock opposite Block 267,
Page: Bluff River bouldering
{html}<!-- DO NOT EDIT THE GUIDE ON THIS PAGE!!! you will screw it up badly. Use the Edit this Guide link on the view tab instead -->{html} <guide guidestars=""> <header id="76" name="Bluff River" walk="1-5 min" sun="Mixed" rock="Sandstone" intro="The Blu
Page: Bradys Lookout
<guide version="2"> <header access="" acknowledgement="by Michael Fox, originally published in Craglets 6." history="" intro="Brady’s Lookout is 15 minutes north of Launceston. It can be found by following the West Tamar highway north, past Legana (watch
Page: Bradys Lookout bouldering
<guide> <header id="51" access="Brady’s is 20km north of Launceston on the West Tamar Highway. From the parking area head up the path and hop the fence just right of the overlook. The Tourist Trap boulder is straight down the hill 50m. The lower boulder f
Page: Broken Buttress
<guide version="3"> <header access="Van Diemens Buttress is approached from Organ Pipes Track further along to the left of the junction with the Sawmill Track.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;The approach to Fools Couloir from the top is quick and easy. From the sum
Page: Bruny Island
<guide pagesize="500" version="3"> <header access="From the Ferry terminus (timetable published daily in the Mercury) drive south on the B66 past the Neck to the road junction where the C630 turns off left to Adventure Bay. &lt;br/&gt;For the Lighthouse C
Page: Bruny Island bouldering
<guide> <header name="Bruny Island" id="1" walk="5 mins" sun="" rock="Sandstone and Dolerite" acknowledgement="Hewnstone Point by Joe Schwarz. Coal Pt by Mani Baker via The Crag." intro="Bruny Island has a wide variety of rock around it&apos;s coastline,
Page: Buckland Area bouldering
<guide> <header name="Buckland Area" id="1" walk="" sun="" rock="" acknowledgement="" intro="" history="" access="All these areas are approach via Buckland, which is about 50 minutes / 60km from Hobart on the Tasman Highway (A3). At Buckland, turn left on
Page: Bulging Buttress
<guide version="3"> <header autonumber="true" camping="" walk="20 min" sun="Not much sun" rock="Dolerite walls and cracks up to 80m" name="Bulging Buttress" intro="Bulging Buttress spans the wide-ranging area between Avalanche Couloir and Teardrop Gully.
Page: Burnie Bouldering
<guide> <header name="Burnie " id="1" walk="" sun="Mixed" rock="Free standing granite boulders. " acknowledgement="By Moses Bassett " intro="Inland from Burnie in the valleys of the Emu and Blythe rivers and all the way back through Upper Natone there is
Page: Burnt Ridge
<guide> <header name="Burnt Ridge" id="1" walk="" sun="" rock="" acknowledgement="" intro="" history="" access="" camping="" autonumber="true"/> <text id="34" class="heading3">Pavement Boulder</text> <image id="35" src="Pavement_pelham.jpg" height="711" w
Page: Bushwalking
To Do. It would be good to have some bushwalking links here, and maybe some child pages describing certain walks. Contents: Links - Forums for discussion of bushwalking in Tasmania ht
Page: Bushwalking Galleries
Page: Buy and Download Guides
The guides on this site are available at two different online stores: Digital Print Australia Has 4 different guides available: The Tasmanian Climbing Guide


Page: Cape Bruny
<guide pagesize="500" version="3"> <header access="From the Ferry terminus drive south on the B66 past the Neck to Lunawanna. Turn right on to the C629 and follow road to the Lighthouse. Parking is available close by the old cottages.&lt;br/&gt;NB The gat
Page: Cape Deslacs Clifton Beach to Cremorne
There is not a great deal of genuine climbing in this traverse.  However there is some enjoyment to be had in climbing on rock that would normally be considered too loose for climbing.  The area is also quite beautiful and reasonably dramatic due to mediu
Page: Cape Pillar
<guide version="3"> <header access="Access is via a 16km hike from Fortescue Bay. Thus, climbing at Cape Pillar is a multi-day endeavour. The recommendation is to drive to Fortescue Bay and walk in to Bare Knoll campsite on the first day (2.5 hours walk).
Page: Cape Raoul
<guide version="3"> <header access="Cape Raoul is 1:45 drive from Hobart followed by a 1:45 walk. Take the Tasman Highway and turn off about 7km past Port Arthur onto Stormlea Rd. Follow the signs to &apos;Cape Raoul Walking Track&apos;. Fork right at 2km
Page: Cape Tourville
<guide pagesize="500" version="3"> <header access="" acknowledgement="" history="" intro="This section covers the coast between Sleepy Bay north to Cape Tourville." name="Cape Tourville Area" rock="White granite at Carp Bay Point, grainier at Cape Tourvil
Page: Cataract Gorge - Shady Side
<guide guidestars="*" pagesize="500" version="2"> <header access="For access/general details, see the section on the Cataract Gorge - Sunny Side." acknowledgement="by Michael Fox, originally published in Craglets. " history="" intro="The popular walk up o
Page: Cataract Gorge - Sunny Side
<guide version="2" pagesize="1500" guidestars="**"> <header id="1" autonumber="true" camping="" walk="1-15 min" sun="All day sun" rock="Short vertical dolerite buttresses. Mostly trad routes, but some bolts." name="Cataract Gorge - Sunny Side" intro="Clim
Page: Central Buttress
<guide version="3" pagesize="500"> <header id="1" autonumber="true" camping="" walk="15 min uphill" sun="Morning sun" rock="Broken dolerite faces and cracks, up to 100m" intro="Central Buttress spans the extensive area between Great Tier and Flange Buttre
Page: Chasm Creek to Deep Glen Bay
  Walter's Opening to Deep Glen Bay The is the quintessential coastal traverse: challenging, committing and varied (with at least four major rock types), with an unusually strong sense of adventure and the unknown.   Due to the length of the traverse, the
Page: Clifton
<guide version="3"> <header access="The best access is via the coastline from the Clifton Beach car park. In the past, access was possible by driving up the farm road to the white house up on the hill. Unfortunately the landowner in the front block of lan
Page: Climb Search
Page: Climb Tasmania Guidebooks
Climb Tasmania publishes a number of excellent guidebooks to areas in Northern Tasmania written by Bob McMahon and Gerry Narkowicz. They are available at most outdoor shops in Tasmania and at
Page: Climbing
Contents: Climbing Guides Climbing Guides
Page: Climbing Guides
Tasmanian Climbing Guides Contents: Online Climbing Guides Introduction to Tasmanian Climbing GPS East East North East North East North West North West South East South East West West Bouldering The Tasmanian Bouldering Guide The Tasmanian Bouldering Guid
Page: Climbing Links
Tasmania: Climbing Tasmanian Climbing Instructors Association Climbing New Routes in Tasmania Coastal Traversing by Marcel Jackson Cape Raoul, by Roger Parkyn Tas Uni Climbing Club Big Red Climbing Holds Launceston Gorge Code of Conduct Tasmania North - g
Page: Climbing Map
Page: Climbing Movies http://www.bigupproduction
Page: climbing partners Hobart during week
Looking for partner to climb the classics on the Organ Pipes during the week over March. Me, leading up to grade 20 grad on a good day. Have own gear and wheels. Steve pH/text 0438 127 166
Page: Cloudy Bay
<guide> <header id="1" name="Cloudy Bay" walk=".5-1.25hrs" sun="Hidden Zawn - AM; Top Cliff Mostly PM" rock="Dolerite" acknowledgement="By Ben Maddison" intro="There are three main climbing areas at Cloudy Bay at South Bruny Island. The first described is
Page: Cluan Tiers and Whiskey Jim Hill
<guide> <header id="1" name="Cluan Tiers" walk="15-30 min" rock="Dolerite and Sandstone, mostly single pitch sport routes, but up to 85m high" acknowledgement="By Gerry Narkowicz" intro="The Cluan Tiers are a range of hills near the town of Westbury in No
Page: Coastal Crags
<guide> <header access="The coastal cliffs are normally accessed from the Whitewater Wall campsite. This is reached by turning left off the Cape Tourville Road a couple of km before the lighthouse, and following the recently (2016) upgraded 4WD track to t
Page: Coastal Traversing
All content in this section is originally by Marcel Jackson   This site contains some selected details on coastal traverses, sea level traversing and deep water soloing in Tasmania.   Here are some possible definitions.  Don't be bound by definitions thou
Page: Coles Bay bouldering
{html}<!-- DO NOT EDIT THE GUIDE ON THIS PAGE!!! you will screw it up badly. Use the Edit this Guide link on the view tab instead -->{html} <guide guidestars="**"> <header id="271" access="Coles Bay (on the Freycinet peninsula) is located midway down Tasm
Page: Conical Rocks
<guide version="3"> <header autonumber="true" camping="" access="" history="" intro="Conical Rocks is a granite crag north of Granville Harbour.&lt;br/&gt;Climbs are described from North to South&lt;br/&gt;Note: DFHB = Double Fixed Hanger Belay (as appose
Page: Coningham
<guide version="2"> <header access="The drive from Hobart doesn&apos;t take long which makes it good for after-work climbing sessions. From Hobart, head south to Kingston via the Southern Outlet. Just before Kingston, take the right-hand lane and continue
Page: Contact
To contact please email {html} <script> document.write('<a href="mailto:jon'); document.write('@'); document.write('" >'); document.write('jon'); document.write('@'); document.write(''); document.write('</a>'); </scrip
Page: Contribute welcomes contributions from anybody who has content to add. In order to edit the content of the site, you have to sign up for an account (click in the top right hand corner). Once you have a username and password, log in and navigate to the p
Page: Copyright
The contents of the are copyright to the authors. However the content is licensed to users under the Creative Commons licence. Please see for details. Basically, you can use the contents of th
Page: Cradle Mountain - Lake St Clair
<guide pagesize="1000" version="3"> <header access="North End &lt;br/&gt;Cradle Mountain is about 1.5 hours (85 km) from Devonport. Take the B19 to Spreyton then the B14 through Barrington to Sheffield and then follow the C136 to Cethana continuing on til
Page: Craglets
The Craglets guidebook covers a huge number of Tasmanian climbing areas. It has evolved over many editions (currently 6) from a guide to just the crags around Hobart into covering most areas in Tasmania. Buy It You can get it at most outdoor shops in Tasm


Page: Deep Glen Bay to Eaglehawk
This was attempted in February of 2015.  Conditions were fair: initially low wind, but breezy after a while; fairly low swell initially, heading toward warm from a cold morning, but never quite getting there.  Traversing on the south edge of Deep Glen Bay
Page: Doctors Rocks
<guide> <header name="Doctors Rocks" id="1" walk="5" sun="Morning" rock="Volcanic" acknowledgement="By Moses Bassett and Ben Young" intro="Warning-These climbs are all quite new, lose in spots and don&apos;t get much traffic so helmets are highly recommen
Page: Doctors Rocks bouldering
<guide> <parsererror xmlns="" style="display: block; white-space: pre; border: 2px solid #c77; padding: 0 1em 0 1em; margin: 1em; background-color: #fdd; color: black"> <h3>This page contains the following errors:</h3> <div sty


Page: East
East Coast Climbing Guides {guidecontents}{guidecontents}
Page: East Coast bouldering
Page: Eastern Shore MTB
Meehan Range There are numerous firetrails and a bit of single track throughout the Meehan range. Most people start at the carpark on Belbins road. To get there take the Cambridge turn off from the highway and then take the first left and follow that to t
Page: Elderslie
<guide> <header id="1" name="Elderslie" acknowledgement="By Guy Abell" intro="As well as the bouldering at Elderslie there has been a handful of routes developed with the potential for a few more. So far all the developed routes are on one vertical face u
Page: Elderslie bouldering
{html}<!-- DO NOT EDIT THE GUIDE ON THIS PAGE!!! you will screw it up badly. Use the Edit this Guide link on the view tab instead -->{html}<guide guidestars="*" pagesize="300"> <header id="143" name="Elderslie" walk="5-20 min" sun="Mixed" rock="Sandstone"
Page: Eldon
<guide> <header id="1" name="Eldon" walk="10 minutes flat walk" sun="Afternoon sun" rock="Short sandstone" acknowledgement="" intro="Eldon is a small sandstone crag with some great steep rock. It&apos;s pretty limited in scope and won&apos;t be everyone&a
Page: Eldorado
<guide> <header id="359" name="Eldorado" walk="" sun="" rock="" acknowledgement="" intro="Eldorado comprises the west facing cliffs around the corner to the right of the Colosseum area, visible as you walk down the hill from the parking area. The sun gets


Page: Far North
<guide version="3"> <header access="Access is via the Northern Buttress track. Where the track meets the base of the Lower Northern Buttress (see Northern Buttress sketch map), go up R and follow a rough track around the northern side of Toy Town buttress
Page: Federation Peak
<guide version="3"> <header access="Maps: TASMAP 1:100,000 Old River For more detailed access information see John Chapman&apos;s excellent book &apos;South West Tasmania&apos;, 1998, which is available in Hobart outdoor shops. The quickest approach to Fe
Page: Fingal Valley
Fingal Valley {guidecontents}{guidecontents}
Page: Flange Buttress
<guide version="3"> <header id="1" access="Flange Buttress is accessed from the climbers&apos; carpark. Walk left along the Organ Pipes Track for 150m, to the signposted Flange Buttress track heading uphill to the right (GPS MTW030). The track heads up in
Page: Flinders Boulders
Photos of Flinders Island boulders from Dave Humphries:
Page: Flinders Island
<guide> <header access="On the north east coast of Flinders Island, which is in the middle of Bass Strait. There are flights from both Launceston and Melbourne that arrive in Whitemark on Flinders Island. You can hire a car on the Island (expensive) or tr
Page: Flinders Island bouldering
{html}<!-- DO NOT EDIT THE GUIDE ON THIS PAGE!!! you will screw it up badly. Use the Edit this Guide link on the view tab instead -->{html}<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <guide> <text class="heading1" id="1">Flinders Island</text> <text class="tex
Page: Flowstone Wall
<guide version="3"> <header autonumber="true" camping="" id="1" walk="1-2 hours" sun="Morning sun" rock="Slabby pink and grey granite up to 300m, mostly pretty run-out." name="Flowstone Wall" intro="A remote and dangerous cliff, it is a huge, compact, eas
Page: Fluted Cape Area
<guide> <header name="Fluted Cape Area" id="1" walk="" sun="" rock="" acknowledgement="" intro="The eastern side of South Bruny Island is fringed by spectacular, massive, dolerite sea cliffs, rising up to 200m high. The area is extremely exposed to the wi
Page: Forestier Peninsula
<guide> <header name="Forestier Peninsula" id="1"/>  <text id="54" class="heading2">Visscher Island</text> <text id="60" class="text">Dolerite Columns in south facing amphitheater.</text> <text id="55" class="heading2">Visscher Rock</text> <text id="61" c
Page: Fortescue Bay
<guide version="3" pagesize="500"> <header id="1" name="Fortescue Bay" autonumber="true" camping="" walk="Up to 1.5 hours" sun="Mixed sun and shade" rock="Coastal dolerite columns and pinnacles" intro="While there are many cliffs around Fortescue Bay, the
Page: Forum
This is the thesarvo forum. Post any news, comments or questions here. {forum:maxLength=100}{forum}
Page: Frenchmans Cap
<guide guidestars="***" pagesize="1000" version="3"> <header access="The start is signposted beside the Lyell Highway 206km from Hobart and 54km from Queenstown.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Tahune Hut is approximately 25km from the road and can be reached in one
Page: Freycinet - Coles Bay
A Climber's Guide to Freycinet Peninsula Freycinet Introduction Coastal Crags Cape Tourville - includes Carp Bay Point. Little Bluestone Bay White Stack Area Lassies Wall and Harlequin Whitewater Wall Friendly Point The Hazards Hazards Main Wall - include
Page: Freycinet Gallery
Page: Freycinet Introduction
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <guide> <header access="Coles Bay is half way up the Tasmanian East Coast, 2hrs from both Launceston and Hobart. From Launceston drive south on the Midlands Highway. At Campbell Town turn left on to the Lake Leake Ro
Page: Friendly Point
<guide version="3"> <header id="1" walk="20 mins" sun="Morning sun" rock="Pink and white granite, up to 20m high" name="Friendly Point" intro="The Friendly Beaches are the surf beaches at the northern end of the park. The main cliff at Friendly Point cons
Page: Fruehauf
<guide version="2"> <header access="To get there drive up Davey Street to the Southern Outlet and turn right. Turn left up Macquarie Street and follow this to the badminton centre. Turn right into McRobies Road (towards the tip), then right again into Deg


Page: Gallery
This section of the site allows users to upload images to form picture galleries To create a gallery follow these steps: Log in or sign up Create a gallery page by clicking here Enter a title and description for the gallery Click Add Start adding files by
Page: General Links
Tasmania: General Hobart Pub Crawl Parks and Wildlife - Wilderness Society Tasmania: Travel Boat/Ship Plane http://www.qant
Page: Glenorchy Mountain Bike Park
The Glenorchy Mountain Bike park was developed in 2005, and a lot of work has been put into the trails. To get there head to the main road of Glenorchy, then turn on to Tolosa St and follow it right to the end. Go through the gate and ride up the road for
Page: Gnarly Spider bouldering
<guide guidestars=""> <text class="heading1">Gnarly Spider</text> <text class="intro" new="false" number="null.">The bouldering here used to be quite good, but in winter 2006, the boulder collapsed. According to Mike Berry, "The entire boulder has dropped
Page: Goats Beach to Clifton Beach
The Goats Beach to Clifton Beach connects two reasonably popular surf beaches in the Hobart region.  The traverse is a high quality adventure, passing two climbing areas that were quite popular before land access issues reduced their convenience ("The Roo
Page: Gordons Hill bouldering
{html}<!-- DO NOT EDIT THE GUIDE ON THIS PAGE!!! you will screw it up badly. Use the Edit this Guide link on the view tab instead -->{html} <guide> <header id="20" name="Gordons Hill" walk="2 mins" rock="Small sandstone blocks" intro="Unfortunately a big
Page: GPS
GPS can be a pretty tricky subject to understand. A couple of useful points are: All points are given as UTM grid references. These grid references are metres east and metres north from a certain point (eastings and northings), which is determined by the
Page: Grasstree Hill
<guide version="2"><header access="" acknowledgement="by Michael Berry, originally published in Craglets." history="" intro="THIS CLIFF IS CLOSED AT TIME OF PUBLICATION.&lt;br/&gt;The Grasstree Hill cliff-line is composed of steep sandstone and is up to 2
Page: Great Tier
<guide version="3"> <header acknowledgement="" history="" intro="Great Tier is the big wall immediately right of Step Tier. A fine selection of quality routes are located here and the approach is straight forward. There are also two subsidiary cliffs, Zol
Page: Guide Manual
How to Edit a Guide To edit a guide log in as a registered user and you should see a button on the top left of the page "Edit this Guide". Press this and the guide goes in to edit mode. Once in edit mode, press the Edit button on a particular climb or pie
Page: Guidebook Tasks
This page shows tasks waiting to be done on the guides: {dynamictasklist:Tasks from draft 28th April} ||Completed||Priority||Locked||CreatedDate||CompletedDate||Assignee||Name|| |T|M|F|1209355769676|1209864775709|jnermut|Straighten horizon on Freycinet co
Page: Gunners Quoin
<guide version="2"> <header access="To get the crag you must cross private land so it is important that climbers respect the wishes of the landowners, as access could potentially be a problem. The landowners are Denis Adams (in the house at the end of the


Page: Handsome Crag
<guide version="2"> <header access="The landowner of the original access requests that climbers access the cliff up Handsome Caves Road, which is a right turn 1.2km from the start of the gravel, and about 0.75 km beyond house no. 658. He also owns the lan
Page: Handsome Crag bouldering
<guide guidestars="***" pagesize="400" version="3"> <header id="441" name="Handsome Crag" walk="5 min" sun="All day sun" rock="Free standing sandstone boulders" intro="Handsome Crag has quite a decent amount of reasonable sandstone. There is a quite a lot
Page: hard climbs
Page: Hardcopy Guides
Hardcopy Guides There are 3 current series of hard copy guidebooks for Tasmanian Climbing: guides (guides from this site)
Page: Hazards Craglets
<guide version="3" pagesize="500"> <header name="Hazards Craglets" id="1" autonumber="true" camping="" walk="10-40 mins" sun="Afternoon sun" rock="Pink and orange granite, 10-50m" intro="This section of the guide covers some of the myriad of small crags f
Page: Hazards Main Wall
<guide version="3"> <header autonumber="true" camping="" id="1" access="The Hazards Main Wall is about 1.5km (40 minutes walk) south of Sleepy Bay car park. From the car park follow the well-worn track down to the beach and continue further along the coas
Page: Hi Hamish Jackson, Deep Glen Bay was where the survivors of the "Blythe Star" washed ashore many years ago.
Page: Hillwood
<guide> <header access="Direction for access have been deleted until we have permission to climb there again." acknowledgement="As of the 4th February 2019, the owner of the Hillwood land has decided to withdraw ALL access to the climbing area. The stile
Page: Hillwood Access
I have rang the number in the Climb Tasmania guide and there has been no response. I was wondering how to go about getting permission to use the Crag if there is an updated number or has climbing stopped here altogether?  Thanks Mark Heighton. 
Page: Hillwood bouldering
{html}<!-- DO NOT EDIT THE GUIDE ON THIS PAGE!!! you will screw it up badly. Use the Edit this Guide link on the view tab instead -->{html} <guide> <header id="12" name="Hillwood (CLOSED)" walk="5 min" sun="Mixed" rock="Basalt" acknowledgement="" intro="T
Page: Hinsby Beach
<guide> <header name="Hinsby Beach" id="1" walk="5 min" sun="Morning sun" rock="Siltstone/Mudstone sea cliff" acknowledgement="By Paul Pritchard" intro="The Hinsby sea cliffs offer the easiest climbing in the Hobart area. It is also very well protected wi
Page: Hobart bouldering
Page: Hobart Craglets
There are quite a few little crags in and around Hobart that provide after work, beginner, or shitty weather climbing (and bouldering). These include Proctors Road Quarry, Fruehauf, Waterworks Quarry, Rocky Tom and Conningham. Access In and around Hobart.
Page: Hobart Craglets Gallery
Page: Hobart Urban bouldering
{html}<!-- DO NOT EDIT THE GUIDE ON THIS PAGE!!! you will screw it up badly. Use the Edit this Guide link on the view tab instead -->{html}<guide> <header id="175" walk="Various" sun="Mixed" rock="Dolerite and Sandstone" acknowledgement="" intro="There ar


Page: Ice & Mixed Routes
after having looked at what info this site offers i was hoping to find some greater details about some of the winter lines that have been done in the state. im largely interested in info on the area's around the Ben (ie the knuckle?, africa?) that have ic
Page: Index
Page: Introduction bouldering
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <guide><text class="heading1">Introduction</text><text class="text">Traditionally the opinion has been that Tasmania has no bouldering. Despite the efforts of Marcel Jackson and a few others in putting up problems at
Page: Introduction to Tasmanian Climbing
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <guide> <text class="heading1" new="false" value="Introduction to Tasmanian Climbing" id="1">Introduction to Tasmanian Climbing</text> <text class="heading3" new="false" id="2">Acknowledgment</text> <text class="text
Page: Introduction to the Mountain
<guide> <text class="heading1" id="1" new="false">Introduction to Mt Wellington</text> <text class="text" id="2" number="null." new="false">This is the third guide for The Mountain, with more than double the number of climbs since the first edition in 198
Page: Ironstone Boulders
<guide> <header name="The Ironstone Boulders" id="1" walk="2 min" sun="Sunny, east facing" rock="Sandstone" acknowledgement="" intro="The Ironstone Boulders are a band of sandstone on the flanks of Mt Hobbs. They provide some nice steep highballs and othe


Page: Jukes Boulder Field
<guide> <header id="1" name="Jukes Boulder Field" walk="5-10 min" sun="All day" rock="Conglomerate" acknowledgement="By John Fawcett and Grace Cumming" intro="Jukes boulder field is an area of hundreds of conglomerate boulders spread over about 500m on th


Page: Kayaking
Maatsuyker Canoe Club Minimal Impact Sea Kayaking in Tasmania
Page: Kempton Quoin
<guide version="3"> <header autonumber="true" camping="" id="1" walk="8 - 20 min flat walk" sun="All day sun" rock="Flakey vertical dolerite, up to 50m high" name="Kempton Quoin" intro="This is one of the most impressive of the accessible dolerite cliffs
Page: Kempton Quoin bouldering
<guide version="3"> <header autonumber="true" camping="" id="1" walk="8 - 20 min flat walk" sun="All day sun" rock="Flakey vertical dolerite, mostly free standing boulders" name="Kempton Quoin" intro="This is one of the most impressive of the accessible d
Page: Killiecrankie
<guide> <header autonumber="true" camping="Camping with facilities can be found at Killiecrankie Bay. To book a spot at this privately owned camping area contact Jude on 03 6359 8464. It is also possible to camp at the old climbers hut directly below the
Page: Kingston bouldering
<guide> <header id="1" name="Kingston" walk="1 min" sun="Shady with some afternoon sun" rock="Sandstone" acknowledgement="By Paul Pritchard" intro="Whitewater Creek has easy access and fun bouldering in a suburban wasteland setting. On the whole the rock


Page: Larks Edge
<guide version="2"> <header access="To get to the crag requires a 30km (30min.) drive and a slightly shorter walk. Leave Hobart and drive toward Clifton Beach. ~100m before the beach turn left down Bicheno Street and follow the road to a right turn at the
Page: Lassies Wall and Harlequin
<guide version="3"> <header access="" acknowledgement="" history="" intro="" name="Lassies Wall and Harlequin" rock="Perfect white granite, 10-25m" sun="Morning sun" walk="5 min" id="1" camping="" autonumber="true"/> <text class="heading2" id="2">Lassie's
Page: Little Bluestone Bay
<guide version="3" pagesize="500"> <header name="Little Bluestone Bay" id="1" autonumber="true" camping="" walk="5-30 mins" sun="Morning sun" rock="White granite, 10-25m" intro="This section covers the climbs that are accessed by the Little Bluestone Bay
Page: Lost Falls
<guide version="3"> <header access="Take the turn-off to Lost Falls, 3km E of Kalangadoo on Lake Leake Highway and drive for 5km, following signs to the car park (LF000). Follow the sign saying &quot;Rock Pools&quot; to the creek (LF010), then down creek
Page: Lost World Area
<guide version="3" pagesize="500"> <header id="1" access="About 9.5km up the Pinnacle Road from Fern Tree a prominent sweeping bend turns back on itself. This is the Big Bend, complete with small carpark (GPS MTW300). A number of smaller parking bays are
Page: Lowdina
<guide version="2" pagesize="500" guidestars="*"> <parsererror xmlns="" style="margin: 1em; padding: 0px 1em; border: 2px solid rgb(204, 119, 119); border-image: none; color: black; display: block; white-space: pre; background-
Page: Lowdina Gallery
Page: Luckmans Hut bouldering
{html}<!-- DO NOT EDIT THE GUIDE ON THIS PAGE!!! you will screw it up badly. Use the Edit this Guide link on the view tab instead -->{html}<guide version="3" pagesize="150" guidestars="*"> <header id="562" access="From the centre of Hobart drive up Davey


Page: Mad Monkeys
<guide version="2"> <header access="To get to Mad Monkeys, start by walking up towards Monkeys Bum (check out the map and description in the Monkey’s Bum section). From the flat area below Monkeys Bum the cliff is visible. At this point try not to let the
Page: Marrawah
<guide version="3"> <header name="Marrawah" id="1" walk="A few minutes" sun="Late Afternoon" rock="Coastal quartzite up to 20m high" intro="" history="" acknowledgement="by Nick Hancock" access="From Marrawah head 4 km south west, first on the C213 then t
Page: Mars Arch
Mars Arch is a cool looking dolerite arch, rising out of a beautiful sandy beach near Mars Bluff, on the east coast of Bruny Island. This sequence is of Dave Humphries attempting the first ascent of the seaward side of the arch.
Page: Meehan Range
<guide version="2"> <header access="This crag is situated near Mornington. From Hobart heading towards the airport, take the Mornington Exit. Turn R at the intersection, Flagstaff Gully Road, as if heading to Rocky Tom. Just after you come through rock cu
Page: Mersey Bluff bouldering
<guide> <header id="1" name="Mersey Bluff" walk="5-10 min" sun="Most of the day" rock="Vertical dolerite" acknowledgement="By Ben Thorp" intro="The Mersey Bluff offers a nice selection of easy to moderate problems in pleasant surroundings.  It’s never goi
Page: Mersey Cliffs
<guide> <header id="1" name="Mersey Cliffs" acknowledgement="By Mark Polinski" walk="5-10 min" sun="Mid morning to late afternoon" rock="Quartzite" intro="The Mersey cliffs are situated along the south rim of the Mersey river gorge as it passes through th
Page: Midlands bouldering
Page: Monkeys Bum
<guide version="2"> <header access="See the map in the Gunners Quoin section. Access to the crag is from the East Derwent Highway. About 5km north from the Bowen Bridge the road crosses a creek mouth just prior to Cassidy Rd. Turn R onto Cassidy road and
Page: Mount Brown
<guide version="3" pagesize="1000" guidestars="**"> <header access="Turn left onto Safety Cove Road, just past the turn off to Port Arthur (about 200m past the petrol station / store). Drive to the very end of this road and park at the Remarkable Cave car
Page: Mount Brown + Dauntless Point
  Alex W  01/2021 Danny Wade and I did Crescent Bay to Remarkable Cave in a big half day with kayak support from Leigh Redding. It took 8hrs, it was a light NE wind with about 1-2m of swell. I think it was up to grade 16 however we may have swam and kelp
Page: Mount Murchison
<guide> <header id="1" name="" walk="3 hours" sun="E Lucevan Le Stele North facing" rock="Quartzite and Conglomerate" acknowledgement="Hamish Jackson" intro="Mt Murchison is a large conglomerate peak on the West Coast near Rosebery, remarkable for a crate
Page: Mount Roland
<guide version="3"> <header access="Access to the mountain is via the Sheffield-Gowrie Park – Cradle Mountain Road (C136). 2.2 km west of the Claude Road village, heading towards Gowrie Park and Cradle Mountain, turn L up Rysavy Road (signpost for the Sil
Page: Mountain Biking
Tasmania has excellent mountain biking. This section of the site is an attempt to get together some information on mtb tracks and areas. It needs a lot of work, so please feel free to contribute. MTB Links Rhythm MTB http://www.ho
Page: Mt Amos
<guide version="3"> <header name="Mt Amos" id="1" autonumber="true" camping="" walk="10-30 min" sun="All day sun" rock="Pink and grey coarse granite, 10-50m" intro="Mt Amos is the highest of the Hazards, and has a popular walking track to its summit. The
Page: Mt Anne
<guide version="3"> <header access="Follow the Strathgorden road (B61) from Hobart, past Maydeena to the Frodsham Pass. Turn L on the Scotts Peak road and drive south about 20km to Condominium Creek. There is a carpark, bush camping and a toilet. The trac
Page: Mt Anne Gallery
Page: Mt Blackwood
<guide> <header access="From Launceston travel via highway B51 to Poatina. For Blackwood Rocks continue 7km past Poatina up the mountain and park just past a gravel road on the left with a locked gate and a sign saying &quot;Private Property&quot;. Park a
Page: Mt Brown bouldering
    <guide><text class="heading1">Mt Brown</text><text class="heading2">The Paradiso</text><problem extra="(Stand)" grade="V3" name="Master Of Disaster" number="1." stars="*">There is an excellent steep and long traverse around the base of the Paradiso st
Page: Mt Dove
<guide version="3"> <header access="Takes around 25 minutes. Park before where the road crosses Dove Creek (the Coles Bay side) Follow a path towards the cliff where you will hit a fire trail after 50m Follow the fire trail right for 50m then you will see
Page: Mt Field
Page: Mt Field West
<guide> <header name="Mt Field West" id="1" walk="" sun="" rock="" acknowledgement="By Hamish Jackson" intro="" history="" access="" camping="" autonumber="true"/> <text class="text" id="2">The first bit of text</text> </guide>
Page: Mt Hobbs bouldering
    <guide> <header id="6" autonumber="true" camping="" history="Jon Nermut and Dave Humphries had a look at the dolerite for sport climbing in 2014 but then moved their attention to Kempton. During that trip a couple of freestanding boulders on the weste
Page: Mt Lyell bouldering
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <guide> <header autonumber="false" camping="I assume you could just camp on the side of the road anywhere here, however the nicest spots are 1-2 km down the road on the shore&apos;s of lake Burbury. " access="Mt Lyel
Page: Mt Strzelecki
<guide> <header autonumber="true" camping="" access="" acknowledgement="" history="" intro="" rock="" sun="" walk="" id="1" name="Mt Strzelecki"/> <climb id="2" name="Tom&apos;s Terror" number="1." grade="14" length="50m" stars=""/> <climb id="3" name="As
Page: Mt Wellington bouldering
{html}<!-- DO NOT EDIT THE GUIDE ON THIS PAGE!!! you will screw it up badly. Use the Edit this Guide link on the view tab instead -->{html}<guide version="3" guidestars="*" pagesize="150"> <header name="Mt Wellington" rock="Sandstone and dolerite" walk="0
Page: Mt Wellington Gallery
Page: Mt Wellington Gallery - Bouldering
Page: Mt Wellington Gallery - Historic
Historic photos of climbing on Mt Wellington.
Page: Mt Wellington Gallery - Sport
Sport climbing on Mt Wellington.
Page: Mt Wellington Gallery - Trad
Trad climbing on Mt Wellington.
Page: Mt Wellington Guide
Welcome to the Mount Wellington climbing guide. This online guide contains the full content of the printed version of the guide, in terms of climb descriptions and topos. The printed version is generated from this content. You are free to print out and us
Page: Mt Wellington Guide Feedback
We welcome feedback about the guide. The online version is designed to be constantly updated as new routes are added or information is corrected. We are most interested in: New routes Corrections to route descriptions, and topos Comments about grading and
Page: Mt Wellington MTB
Mt Wellington has awesome mountain biking. The official Wellington Park Bike Map can be found at A lot of the trails can be linked up with trails in South Hobart Big Bend Radfords Track Junction Cabin Pipeline Track
Page: Mt Wellington Other Areas bouldering
{html}<!-- DO NOT EDIT THE GUIDE ON THIS PAGE!!! you will screw it up badly. Use the Edit this Guide link on the view tab instead -->{html}<guide version="3" guidestars="*" pagesize="150"> <header name="Mt Wellington Other Areas bouldering" rock="Sandston
Page: Mt Wellington Updates
This page will contain details about things we have added to the Mt Wellington guide since its original publication in 2007. Date Update 20 Sept 2007 4 short lines added to small crag to north of Sphinx Rock (just to L of the descent track) by Garry Phill


Page: Neika
<guide version="3"> <header access="These cliffs are situated between Fern Tree and Neika within the Wellington Park and access is over land owned by the City of Hobart. Park your car at the Fern Tree bus terminus 2.7 kilometres past the Fern Tree Tavern
Page: Nerm at Andersons
Page: New routes since 2005 with 2 or 3 stars
  Stars Name Length Grade FA Area   ** It's All in the Mind 50m 17 P. Robinson, K. Robinson, 29 Oct 2006. Bruny Island   *** Quintessence 50m 16 P. Robinson, K. Robinson, C. Hewer, 16 Mar 2008. Bruny Island   ** Afroboks 28m 25 Ben Wiessner & Guy Abell, M
Page: Nichols Needle
<guide version="3"> <header access="The Needle can be accessed by rock hopping up the Douglas River from the bridge at the highway and then ascending the Leeaberra Track to Nichols Cap or via the Leeaberra Track southwards from Thompsons Marshes (refer to
Page: North and South Esk
Only five minutes walk from the centre of Launceston, the Cataract Gorge is one of the city's main tourist attractions. It is also the main climbing area of the city. It consists of short, high quality, dolerite cracks and faces. Recently there have been
Page: North bouldering
Page: North East
North East Climbing Guides {guidecontents}{guidecontents}
Page: North Esk
<guide guidestars="**" pagesize="500" version="2"> <header access="" acknowledgement="by Michael Fox, originally published in Craglets. " history="" intro="The climbing in the North Esk provides great entertainment, especially on those hot northern aftern
Page: North Ridge
<guide> <header id="1" autonumber="true" camping="" access="Red Taped Track - This track provides access to the North Ridge and alternative access to the left side of the Colosseum at the climb ‘Crossing the Rubicon’. Walk down the trail ~100m from the ca
Page: North Sister
<guide> <header name="North Sister" id="1" walk="" sun="" rock="" acknowledgement="By Gerry Narkowicz" intro="The new sport climbing area at North Sister hardly needed discovering as the crag is a prominent outcrop about 2km north of South Sister, near th
Page: North West
North West Climbing Guides {guidecontents}{guidecontents}
Page: North West Bay River
<guide version="2"> <header access="Both crags are accessed from Sandfly Road (C622). For Dog Leg Bend turn onto the road just before Margate. Drive 200m past Nandroya Vineyard (which is on the right) and park near the chain gate on the R, beside the viny
Page: Northern Buttress
<guide version="3"> <header id="1" name="Northern Buttress" access="Access to Northern Buttress is via a track that starts at the climbers&apos; car park. Where this track meets the Organ Pipes track, continue directly opposite and up hill on the signpost


Page: Oatlands bouldering
{html}<!-- DO NOT EDIT THE GUIDE ON THIS PAGE!!! you will screw it up badly. Use the Edit this Guide link on the view tab instead -->{html}<guide pagesize="150" guidestars="***"> <header autonumber="false" camping="" access="Oatlands can be found about 1
Page: Online Store
{groovy} //com.opensymphony.webwork.ServletActionContext.getResponse().sendRedirect(""); {groovy} Bookshop See Buy and Download Guides Merchandise thesarvo t-shirts, caps and stickers are now available at http://www.cafepres
Page: Other Crags
<guide version="3"> <header access="" history="" intro="This section of the guide describes several small and obscure Mt Wellington crags that don&apos;t really fit anywhere else." acknowledgement="" rock="" sun="" walk="" id="1" name="Mt Wellington Other
Page: Other Eastern Crags
<guide> <text class="heading1" new="false" id="1">Other Eastern Crags</text> <text class="text" new="false" id="2">This section contains information about other crags in the East of Tasmania for which we do not have full guides for, from north to south.</
Page: Other Flinders Island Crags
<guide> <header autonumber="false" camping="" access="" acknowledgement="" history="" intro="" rock="" sun="" walk="" id="1" name="Other Flinders Island Crags"/> <text id="2" class="heading3">Castle Crag</text> <climb id="3" name="Castle Crag" fa="Nick Ha
Page: Other Northern Crags
<guide version="2"> <text class="heading1" id="1">Other Northern Crags</text> <header id="26" name="The Sideling" walk="15 mins from telecom tower at top of knockup hill" sun="Afternoon sun" rock="Basalt - Lava flow cap and possible vent similar to Hillwo
Page: Other Southern Crags
<guide version="2"> <text class="heading1" id="1">Other Southern Crags</text> <text class="text" id="2">This section contains information about other crags in the South and West of Tasmania for which we do not have full guides for.</text> <text class="hea
Page: Other Western Crags
<guide version="3"> <text class="heading1" id="1">Other Western Crags</text> <text class="text" id="2">This section contains information about other crags in the West and South West of Tasmania for which we do not have full guides for.</text> <text id="62


Page: Partner for april
Hi  Looking for a partner for 1 or 2 days in Tasmania, between the 24th of April til 2nd of may would be awesome between these dates. I have full trad and sport rack keen for sea stacks. Not climber to hard for a while but should still be able to lead up
Page: Pipes Guide To Do
Topos  Area Got photo yet? Seamstress / assault course no Trinity / good excellent no Ozymandias no Avalanche LHS - chancellor & carpe no Avalanche top / rhs no     Battle cruiser ? Third bird ?     Flange - nefarious no Flange - rhs - precarious to brown
Page: Precipitious Bluff
Precipitious Bluff Walk 26th - 30th March, 2005
Page: Precipitous Bluff
<guide version="3"> <header access="This is not for the faint hearted! Either (1) From Cockle Creek, follow the South Coast Track north for three days to New Lagoon, then wade up the river for another day to Damper Creek. From here, follow a taped &quot;t
Page: Proctors Road Quarry
<guide version="3"> <header access="You will need to arranged access before climbing at Proctors Road Quarry. At the gates of the quarry you will find a phone number (See picture of sign below) which connects you to university property services. Property



Page: Ragged Jack
<guide guidestars="*" pagesize="500" version="2"> <header access="To get to the cliff head towards the Northern Escarpment of Ben Lomond. Turn off the highway from Launceston onto Ben Lomond Rd (as if heading towards the ski-field and usual climbing areas
Page: Richmond bouldering
{html}<!-- DO NOT EDIT THE GUIDE ON THIS PAGE!!! you will screw it up badly. Use the Edit this Guide link on the view tab instead -->{html} <guide><text class="heading1">Richmond</text><text class="text">The bouldering at Richmond is mainly on a large fre
Page: Risdon bouldering
<guide> <header id="15" name="Risdon" walk="25 mins" sun="" rock="Sandstone" acknowledgement="" intro="There are some sandstone boulders near Risdon Brook Dam. There are not many completed problems yet, but there are some hard projects up impressive lines
Page: Riverside bouldering
<guide> <header id="16" name="Riverside" walk="5 min" sun="" rock="Sandstone overhang" acknowledgement="" intro="This crag was discovered in Winter 2003 and saw a little development but is pretty limited. It offers a couple of nice sloper and roof problem
Page: Rockaway and Amphitheatre
<guide version="3"> <header access="" acknowledgement="" history="" intro="These two separate areas uphill from Northern Buttress provide some interesting and classic climbing." name="Rockaway and Amphitheatre" rock="Dolerite columns and pinnacles up to 3
Page: Rocky Cape
<guide version="3"> <header access="The main climbing areas, about one hour drive west of Burnie, are reached via the C227 (Rocky Cape Road), turning off the A2 about 2.5 km west of the Rocky Cape township. After about 3 km take the first turn R to the Bu
Page: Rocky Tom
<guide guidestars="*" pagesize="500" version="2"> <header access="Access to Rocky Tom requires a 10 minute drive and a half hour walk. The traditional access was via Flagstaff Gully, but the quarry owner now discourages this approach. Today the best appro
Page: Rocky Tom bouldering
{html}<!-- DO NOT EDIT THE GUIDE ON THIS PAGE!!! you will screw it up badly. Use the Edit this Guide link on the view tab instead -->{html}<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <guide guidestars="*"> <header id="39" name="Rocky Tom" walk="30m" sun="Sunny
Page: Ross Quoin
<guide> <header walk="20 minutes" sun="Mid afternoon onwards" rock="Dolerite" acknowledgement="" intro="" history="" access="Ross Quoin is located 25km south east of Ross. Take the Tooms Lake road from Ross for 18km then turn left on Honeysuckle Road for
Page: Rysavy Ridge on Mount Roland
This climb is one of Tasmania's classic days out with 350 metres of climbing on Mount Roland in northwest Tasmania.Views down over the rich farm land and across into the Overland Track enrich the experience. Cradle Mountain and Barn Bluff - seemingly with


Page: Sand River
<guide> <header name="Sand River" walk="10 - 50 minutes." sun="Sunny" rock="Sandstone 10 - 30m high." acknowledgement="" intro="Sand River was discovered in 2017 and has yielded many good routes on some of the best sandstone in Tasmania. Yes, that&apos;s
Page: Sand River bouldering
<guide> <header id="1" autonumber="true" camping="" access="The developed crags are on publicly owned Forestry and Crown land. The public land extends as far south as the Panopticon, but further south than that it&apos;s private. The range of hills to the
Page: Sandfly bouldering
<guide> <header name="Sandfly" id="1" walk="10 mins" rock="Dolerite" acknowledgement="By Steve Thomas" access="From Hobart take the Southern outlet toward Kingston (10 mins). Just before Kingston change onto the Huon Highway and drive for another 10mins u
Page: Sarex 2013
The Sarex 13 report by Stu Scott can be downloaded below. Excellent photographs of the exercise and equipment were kindly taken by Richard Bugg and can be viewed of the following link:  {at
Page: Schouten Island
<guide> <header id="1" name="Schouten Island" rock="Coastal Granite" intro="There have been several expeditions to climb on the granite at Schouten Island, off the south coast of Freycinet Peninsula. " access="To get there you&apos;ll need a boat of some
Page: Search and Rescue
Accidents do happen, and with increasing numbers of climbers in Tasmania - both local and interstate – they are likely to be more frequent.  Rescues are organised by the police, and if you are in trouble dial 000 and ask for ‘police’.  Tasmania Police hav
Page: Sentinel Range
<guide version="3"> <header access="The Wedge River picnic ground (signposted) is approximately 135 km (2 hrs) from Hobart on the Strathgordon Road, with a Park entrance fee booth just past Maydena. There is free camping, toilets, picnic shelter and water
Page: Sheffield bouldering
{html}<!-- DO NOT EDIT THE GUIDE ON THIS PAGE!!! you will screw it up badly. Use the Edit this Guide link on the view tab instead -->{html} <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <guide guidestars=""> <text class="heading1">Sheffield</text><text class="he
Page: Sisters Beach
<guide version="2"> <header access="From the Sisters Beach township drive eastwards along the dirt road that runs parallel to the beach. This ends after about 1.5 km at a parking area (GPS SIS000). Start by following the signposted track for about 100m, t
Page: Sisters Beach bouldering
<guide> <header id="1" name="Sisters Beach" walk="10-20 minutes" sun="" rock="Quartzite" acknowledgement="By Ben Thorp" intro="Long overlooked for rope lovers, there is actually quite a lot of bouldering in the vicinity of the climbing area at Sisters Bea
Page: Sisters Beach to Rocky Cape
The coastal traverse from Sisters Beach to Rocky Cape has only minimal amounts of actual climbing, although it is still fun as a concept.  It is more of a difficult coastal walk with occasional opportunities for short sea level traverses and deep water so
Page: Sleepy Bay to Wineglass Bay
This the classic Tasmanian coastal traverse.  Locally, it's usually refered to as "The Sea Level Traverse".  The cliffs along the coast here are big (up to around 250m) and slabby, with exceptionally high quality rock and enormous features (fissures, flak
Page: South Arm
There are four crags on South Arm, which is directly south east from Hobart. Unfortunately Clifton and the Rookeries are both are on private property and access is restricted. Lark's edge has no access problems, but its a small crag and only just worth th
Page: South Arm Gallery
Page: South bouldering
Page: South East
South East Climbing Guides {guidecontents}{guidecontents}
Page: South Esk
<guide version="2" pagesize="500" guidestars="**"> <header id="1" walk="5-20 mins" sun="Afternoon sun" rock="Vertical dolerite buttresses, up to 25m high" name="South Esk" intro="This section of the guide covers routes on the South Esk from the First Basi
Page: South Sister
<guide version="2" pagesize="500"> <header id="1" name="South Sister" autonumber="true" camping="" walk="10 mins" sun="" rock="Vertical dolerite buttresses, up to 25m" intro="Situated at the eastern end of the Nicholas Range, above St. Marys lies South Si
Page: South Wellington bouldering
{html}<!-- DO NOT EDIT THE GUIDE ON THIS PAGE!!! you will screw it up badly. Use the Edit this Guide link on the view tab instead -->{html}<guide version="3" pagesize="150" guidestars="*"> <header id="562" access="From the centre of Hobart drive up Davey
Page: Sphinx Rock
<guide version="3"> <header access="Access is via the Lenah Valley Track, near the Springs. The quickest way is to park at the junction of the track and the road (limited parking), about 500m up the hill from the Springs on the R. After about 10mins walk,
Page: St Helens bouldering
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <guide> <!-- Dont edit this text directly!!! You will screw it up. Use the Edit Guide link on the view page --> <header id="54" name="St Helens" walk="Mostly short (&lt;5min)" sun="Mixed" rock="White granite" acknowl
Page: Step Tier
<guide version="3"> <header access="Approach via the Step Tier Track, which is signposted from the Organ Pipes Track.&lt;br/&gt;Descent: The Step Tier rap station is found at the top of Ophthalmia (2 x 40m; 40m to a sloping ledge, 40m to the ground). Ther
Page: Stepped Hills
<guide> <header id="81" name="The Cliffs of Insanity" walk="" sun="" rock="" acknowledgement="" intro="The Cliffs of Insanity are on the western slopes of Stepped Hills. The excellent quality conglomerate has potential for some serious adventure climbing
Page: Swansea bouldering
<guide> <header id="1" name="Swansea Castle" walk="short" sun="good, all day really" rock="dolerite" acknowledgement="" intro="The coast south of swansea is lined with dolerite. Much of it dubious quality suggesting limited potential. Worth a look though.


Page: Table Mountain
<guide> <header name="Table Mountain" id="1" acknowledgement="By Nick Hancock" rock="Dolerite" walk="1 hour bike/walk" access="Access by driving north from Bothwell for about 19 km on the Interlaken Road, and parking at a locked gate on the right (GR 0772
Page: Taroona bouldering
{html}<!-- DO NOT EDIT THE GUIDE ON THIS PAGE!!! you will screw it up badly. Use the Edit this Guide link on the view tab instead -->{html} <guide version="3"> <header id="27" name="Taroona" walk="1 min" sun="All day sun" rock="Dolerite" intro="The Taroon
Page: Taroona to Tinderbox
The coastline along Tinderbox is lined with dolerite cliffs up to around 20m or 30m high.  Most of the rock of climbing quality is shorter than this though: around 4 to 10m and most of this is concentrated on the area between Fossil Cove and the popular s
Page: Tas Classic Wide Cracks
Any one have a list of the classic wide cracks from fist cracks up? I have been thinking about it and there doesn't seem to be that very many of them or the wide sections are really short. Here are some: Pipeline, Rondeau Daedalus, Galah Performance, The
Page: Tasman Peninsula
The Tasman Peninsula has an absolute abundance of dolerite. Although a lot of it is choss, there is plenty that is good quality. From the amazing sea stacks of the Totem Pole and Candle Stick to the modern sport climbing of Mt Brown, the area has cliffs e
Home page: Tasmania
{html} <style> /* .tabletitle { display:none; } h1 { margin-top:0px; } */ /* .page-metadata,#children-section,#default-labels-header,#comments-section { display:none } */ #main { background-image:url(; background-repeat:
Page: Teardrop Gully
<guide version="3"> <header access="Teardrop Gully comprises two sections, the gully below Step Tier (Lower Teardrop Gully), and the gully above Step Tier (Upper Teardrop Gully). Access to most of the Lower Teardrop Gully has traditionally been from the b
Page: The Colosseum
<guide> <header id="420" name="The Colosseum" walk="" sun="" rock="" acknowledgement="" intro="The Colosseum is a very steep north facing crag about 30 minutes walk from the car. The rock is excellent, with some of the best steep sandstone in Tasmania." h
Page: The Columns
<guide version="3" pagesize="500"> <header id="1" name="The Columns" autonumber="true" camping="" walk="15 min downhill or 20 min uphill" sun="Morning sun" rock="Spearing dolerite columns, up to 110m high" intro="The impressive cirque of columns that star
Page: The Firewall
<guide> <header id="404" name="The Firewall" walk="" sun="" rock="" acknowledgement="" intro="The Firewall is a beautiful little crag of steep red and orange rock. Its north-easterly aspect sees sun until mid-afternoon, and the crag is sheltered from stro
Page: The Gorge bouldering
{html}<!-- DO NOT EDIT THE GUIDE ON THIS PAGE!!! you will screw it up badly. Use the Edit this Guide link on the view tab instead -->{html} <guide> <header id="122" name="The Gorge" walk="1-10 min" sun="Sunny Side - all day; Shady Side - morning only; Bas
Page: The Hazards
<guide> <header access="There are various different access routes for these cliffs, however a large percentage are accessed from the car-park at Sleepy Bay, which is half way along the road to Cape Tourville (and Whitewater Wall). See the map and individu
Page: The Needles
<guide> <header id="1" name="The Needles" walk="25min uphill" sun="All day sun" rock="Flaky weathered quartzite" acknowledgement="By Tony McKenny" intro="Travelling west towards Lake Pedder and Strathgordon, the white quartzite fingers of the Needles (GR
Page: The Organ Pipes
<guide> <text class="heading1" id="1">The Organ Pipes</text> <text class="text" new="false" number="null." id="2">Climbing on the Pipes is serious. Or at least it looks and feels that way! Occasional loose rock, complex route finding and a sense of exposu
Page: The Panopticon
<guide> <header id="388" name="The Panopticon" walk="" sun="" rock="" acknowledgement="" intro="The Panopticon is in the next valley to the south of the Colosseum, and contains an extensive amount of rock. A fun day out for mortals, especially in winter.&
Page: The Springs bouldering
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Page: The Star Factory
<guide version="3" pagesize="500" guidestars="***"> <header name="The Star Factory" id="1" walk="1 hour" sun="Morning sun" rock="Immaculate water polished orange granite, generally slightly overhanging, 30m high and 500m long, mostly sport routes." intro=
Page: The Summit bouldering
{html}<!-- DO NOT EDIT THE GUIDE ON THIS PAGE!!! you will screw it up badly. Use the Edit this Guide link on the view tab instead -->{html}<guide version="3" pagesize="150" guidestars="*"> <header id="562" access="From the centre of Hobart drive up Davey
Page: The Sun Lounge
<guide> <header autonumber="true" camping="" access="" history="" intro="" acknowledgement="" rock="" sun="" walk="" name="The Sun Lounge" id="1"/> <text id="3" class="text">This sun drenched north facing crag is a bit of a hike, but has a good selection
Page: The Tasmanian Bouldering Guide
{html} <table border=0 ><tr><td width=0 valign=top> {html} {html} </td><td valign=top> {html} {guidecontents}{guidecontents} You can now buy the Tasmanian Bouldering guide in printed form at for $USD11.00, plus postage. All
Page: The Velvet Underground
<guide>  <header autonumber="true" camping="" access="From the Granville Harbour Road travel 2 km along Climes Track, until just past the shacks at the Tasman River, where it gets too rough for most vehicles. Walk along the main track for 35 minutes, unti
Welcome to . This site is designed to serve the needs of Tasmania's outdoor community by providing information on mountain sports in Tasmania. Initially the site will cover climbing, skiing and mountain biking. However contributions of conten
Page: Township Creek
<guide> <header name="Township Creek" id="1" walk="" sun="Mostly Sunny" rock="Dolerite Crags" acknowledgement="By Gerry Narkowicz" intro="The crags of Township Creek lie in a deep gorge in the valley immediately to the east of Bare Rock at Fingal. The cli
Page: Trial Harbour
<guide version="3"> <header autonumber="true" camping="" access="From the campsite at the north end of Trial Harbour walk north along the coast for 30 minutes. Just before going around to Goldrush wall, a long 25m high wall becomes visible high on the hil
Page: Tullah
<guide version="3"><header access="" acknowledgement="by Dave Gray" history="" intro="The Murchison Gorge extends from the Murchison dam to the highway bridge on the outskirts of Tullah. The floor of the gorge has been flooded, to form Lake Rosebury and t
Page: Tyndall Range
<guide version="3"> <header id="1" walk="2-3 hours, steep uphill" sun="Mixed sun and shade" rock="Slabby to past vertical conglomerate up to 300m" name="Tyndall Range" intro="Climbing in the Tyndall Range is only in its infancy: it will no doubt be the sc


Page: University Buttress
<guide version="3"> <header id="101" access="Approach via the Bulging Buttress/University Buttress track, which is signposted off the Organ Pipes track. The track climbs uphill to meet the base of Bulging Buttress, traverses left below the wall of Jelly R


Page: Videos
This page contains various uploaded videos. Please feel free to upload new vids on the Attachments tab.


Page: Walls of Jerusalem
<guide version="3"> <header access="NB The road to the Walls (Mersey Forest Road) is closed beyond the intersection with Lake McKenzie Road due to a washout (Aug 2016). The closure affects access to Lakes Rowallan and Parangana and the access hiking track
Page: Walls of Jerusalem Gallery
Page: Waterworks Quarry
<guide version="2"> <header access="Cleverly positioned so you can fit in at least two or three nightmare epics after work. The Quarry is on Waterworks Road (surprise) between Lynton Ave and Romilly Street in Dynyrne. Travel south along Davey Street (B64)
Page: Waterworks Reserve
<guide> <header name="Waterworks Playground" id="1" walk="" sun="" rock="" acknowledgement="By Phil Robinson" intro="“A Playground for Lunchtime” appeared in an article by Les Wood (CCT Circular 113, 1978). Lost in time and the original track now overgrow
Page: Waverly Park bouldering
{html}<!-- DO NOT EDIT THE GUIDE ON THIS PAGE!!! you will screw it up badly. Use the Edit this Guide link on the view tab instead -->{html} <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <guide guidestars="*"> <header id="82" name="Waverly Park" walk="5 min" sun=
Page: Weather
BOM forecast Other Weather Links Yahoo Weather Underground Ben Lomond Snow Report Tide Predictions {html} <!--Weatherzone local weather--> <style type="text/css">
Page: weather test
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Page: West
West and South West Climbing Guides {guidecontents}{guidecontents}
Page: West bouldering
Page: West Head bouldering
<guide> <header id="1" name="West Head" walk="" sun="" rock="" acknowledgement="By Dave James" intro="" history="" access="" camping="" autonumber="true"/> <image id="2" src="DSC_3006.JPG" height="664" legend="true"> <drawing> <path id="16739" points="152
Page: Western Arthurs
<guide version="3"> <header access="By far the best information about the access and walking tracks is found in South West Tasmania by John Chapman, the latest edition is to be published June 2008. See;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Fr
Page: White Stack Area
<guide pagesize="500" version="2"> <header access="" acknowledgement=" " guide.action="submit""0""0" guide.type="header" history="" intro="White Stack is the second large outcrop south of Lassie&apos;s Wall. Access is approximately 1
Page: Whitewater Wall
<guide version="3"> <header access="The base of Whitewater Wall can be reached by following a rough track which begins where the old road first meets the top of the cliff. From the cliff top, head north (along the top of the cliff) to follow an indistinct
Page: Winter Climbing
See Ben Lomond Ice. Various bits of snow and ice climbing have been done over the years in Tasmania. Unfortunately the conditions are very variable and unreliable. This section needs a proper write up. It would be good to have proper access and route desc
Page: Wood Hookers bouldering
<guide> <header name="Wood Hookers" id="1" walk="20 Metres" sun="Shady" rock="Sandstone" acknowledgement="" intro="Wood hookers is part of the Mt Hobbs permanent forest production area and is a small area comprising a series of outcrops. The lower outcrop





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